Hi, I'm Alex! A product design student and freelance illustrator living in Toronto.
Currently studying User Experience Design at the University of Toronto, my work reflects my love of strategy and my affinity for organizing information. I'm inspired by beautifully-designed books, brutalist fonts, and Claire Saffitz from Bon Appétit.

I'm available for full-time Summer and Fall 2020 product design internships, as well as freelance illustration work.
How I got here and what I've learned along the way:
After having to explain my degree in Semiotics more times than I can count, I've become really good at breaking abstract ideas down with simple explanations. I also wrote a few essays on sneaker culture.
Working in marketing and communications was a real crash-course in marketing strategy for a Humanities student. Google is my BFF.
2015 - 2019
While studying environmental design I realized that I care more about designing experiences and information than I do about vapour membranes, but feel free to quiz me on building code.
2016 - 2019
Working in physical product design and fabrication showed me that something doesn't have to be the size of a house to be meaningful. Oh, and that TIG welding is the best.